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Sculptor Andy Yoder spent two years building this lovely globe from individually-painted matchsticks. His son, reddit user yoderaustinexplains that the frame is a mix of foam, cardboard, and plywood. One by one, Yoder attached the hand-painted matches to this skeleton with wood glue, before lastly—in an effort that one may consider to be of both precaution and irony—dousing the entire form in flame retardant.

Be sure to note Hurricane Sandy collapsing upon the eastern American coast in the final photo above.

The piece will be exhibited by Winkleman Gallery at this year’s PULSE New York Contemporary Art Fair, May 8–11.



My day in Adʿiyah


‏إن كان لي وطنٌ فوجهُك موطني
أو كان لي دارٌ ، فحبك داري
إني اقترفتك عامداً مُتعمداً
إن كنت عاراً يا لروعة عاري
نزار قباني (via lieandsneak)


"Anyway, for what happened today… I apologize for that."

Choi Kang-joo
Bride of the Century

How cute can first time apologies be??? I want to hug you Kang-jooshhhiiiii!